Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Greenpeace Demands Neste Drops Palm Oil From Diesel Fuel Production

Greenpeace Demands Neste Drops Palm Oil From Diesel Fuel Production

published Fri 06:21 PM, updated Fri 07:46 PM

Greenpeace activists staged a demonstration in front of Helsinki's Fair Centre where the annual general of Neste Oil was being held on Friday. Greenpeace is demanding that the company stop using palm oil in the production of diesel fuel.

The demand was presented by a representative of Greenpeace forest protection campaigner Matti Liimatainen, who holds Neste Oil stock. Greenpeace argues that palm oil cultivation destroys rainforest and speeds up climate change. Neste Oil's Vice President for Renewable Fuels Simo Honkanen dismissed the claim in an address to the meeting.

Also, in a statement issued Friday, the global wildlife protection organization WWF called upon Neste oil to commit to the use of responsibly produced palm oil. The reference was to so-called RSPO-certified palm oil. Neste Oil's Simo Honkanen told YLE that the company will use RSPO-certified palm oil as it becomes available on the market.

Neste Oil produces bio-diesel fuel from palm oil imported from Malaysia.

The company has plans to double production this year to 170,000 tons at its Porvoo refinery. Next year it plans to produce 800,000 tons at a new facility in Singapore and a similar refinery is planned to start up in Rotterdam in 2011.


A photo is visible at this link.