Saturday, 18 April 2009

Letters: Welfare of zoo workers and animals

Sat, 04/18/2009 | Reader's Forum The Jakarta Post

I would like to comment on an article titled "Visitors ask for cleaner Ragunan Zoo" (the Post, March 19, p. 19).

I agree that Ragunan Zoo management should increase the entrance fee; they should have raised it a couple of years ago. If 10,000 people visit the zoo on a Saturday or Sunday, with an entrance fee of Rp 4,000 (37 US cents) the zoo will only get Rp 40 million. Rp 40 million is not nearly enough to feed all the animals for even a day, as Ragunan has so many animals, not to mention pay for the salaries of all the workers.

If this happens in Ragunan Zoo, what about other zoos in Indonesia? The entrance fees there are even cheaper than at Ragunan Zoo. The government should pay more attention to the workers and the animals at all zoos.