Sunday, 28 June 2009

The real cost of palm oil.

Letter to South Wales Argus but not published.

The real cost of palm oil.

Mr Harvey West of Vogen Fuel (see Campaign launched against Newport biofuel plan; Saturday 13th June) intentions are no doubt good, but if he thinks he can source palm oil from SE Asia that has not contributed to mass deforestation and the slaughter of thousands of orangutans, he is mistaken.

Despite the best efforts of the RSPO it is my personal opinion, based on visiting Indonesia and Malaysia over 15 years, including six visits in the past 18 months, no palm oil company can be trusted.

It is simply impossible for any company to be independently monitored.

At a time when food retailers are rapidly distancing themselves from palm oil sourced in SE Asia, it would be a great shame and, I suggest, a

PR disaster for Vogen Fuel, if it was to do the exact opposite. Hopefully, this is not a commercial risk Vogen Fuel are prepared to take.

If the company was to import palm oil from SE Asia, directly or otherwise, it will be tainted with the blood of orangutans - amongst literally millions of other animals killed when rainforests are cleared.

Sean Whyte, Chief Executive