Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Save Zoo Negara and the poor animals

Thursday June 4, 2009, Malaysia

Save Zoo Negara and the poor animals

I VISITED Zoo Negara on May 3 and was very disappointed with the dismal state of the home of 5,000 over animals.

The animals looked under-fed, dirty and unhappy, surrounded by untrimmed bushes and uncut grass, incomplete renovation and expansion work, filthy walls and drains and other unsightly scenery.

It was widely publicised that this year is Visit Zoo Negara 2009 but unfortunately, not much has been done to uplift its impoverished condition.

The tagline displayed “Towards being a world class zoo” in front of the premises really damages the zoo’s image and the nation’s pride even further.

I do not understand why the Federal and state governments are not supporting the zoo’s enhancement programmes even though it is one of the major attractions for tourists in Kuala Lumpur.

Almost all well-known zoos in major cities of the world are funded or partly funded by the governments.

It is apparent that the gate collection and deteriorating private funds are insufficient to sustain Zoo Negara’s existence, what more to implement all the upgrading projects.

I would like to call upon the newly appointed Tourism Malaysia chairman Datuk Dr Victor Wee Eng Lye and the Tourism Minister to make a surprise visit and see what needs to be done to help the poor animals and to repair the zoo’s image.

Johor Baru.