Sunday, 29 November 2009

New report exposes Australia's REDD offsets scam


No surprises here then. More madness and corruption involving governments and probably some conservationists. You need to be aware that many so-called conservation groups are willing to take money from almost anyone, with few or even no questions asked. They will sell their souls for money.

Some orangutan conservation groups even take money from the palm oil industry - these will be the groups you never hear criticising palm oil companies.


There are groups out there now who have taken millions of pounds of REDD money and others in the queue.

Not sure what REDD is? Basically it is a way for companies to continue destroying their immediate environment (i.e. US. UK or Australia) by giving ship loads of money to countries like Indonesia to save their forests - which of course they never do. REDD is really 'blood' money.....not that some environmental groups will let this get in the way of their grabbing as much of it as they can.

Greenpeace has a policy of never accepting corporate of government money.

New report exposes Australia's REDD offsets scam