Thursday, 26 November 2009

Please object to large proposed biomass power station in Wales

Dear friends,

Climate campaigners in Wales are asking for support against plans for a 300 MW biomass power station in Holyhead, Wales by Anglesey Aluminium Ltd. The power station would burn 2.4 million tonnes of biomass, most of it imported wood chips. It would add to the fast growing and unsustainable demand for wood imports for bioenergy in the UK. The UK already imports around 80% of all wood and wood products in the country, much of it from industrial tree plantations which have disastrous impacts on communities, ecosystems and the climate as well as from destructive industrial logging. The proposed power station would worsen this situation, with growing signs that wood power expansion in Europe is already leading to more monoculture tree plantations in West Papua, South America and elsewhere. Furthermore, local residents will be affected by increased levels of nitrogen oxide, small particulates and other air pollutants which are linked to health problems including respiratory diseases.

Please go to

to find more background information and to send your objection to the Department for Energy and Climate Change, which will determine the application.

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Almuth Ernsting, Biofuelwatch