Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Carbon Cowboys

Click on this link, read the page and the click on the video and see what a scam REDD (carbon trading) has become. Even Interpol have criticised REDD.

Make up your own mind about the sincerity of the Carbon Cowboy in this film trying to persuade forest people to sign over rights to their land. Government officials, the EC especially, and conservation groups all know REDD will not help forest people and it does not prevent polluters overseas from doing what they have always done, pollute the environment. But, the billions of dollars up for grabs is already proving irresistible to some.

The people who will gain are:

- polluting companies and governments too complacent to introduce new or enforce existing legislation.

- corrupt officials who exist like plagues of locusts in some countries.

- Carbon Cowboys, otherwise known as those who solicit forests for carbon trading purposes and personal, massive financial gain.

- conservation groups who see carbon trading as the key to open the doors to unimaginable riches they can squander on their organisations.

- countless consultants employed by governments etc to produce reports the politicians want to see as positive towards REDD

as this suits their political agenda and doubtless generates a need for frequent overseas visits from politicians at our expense.

The people who will loose out are those REDD is meant to help - local forest people.

REDD is a scam which politicians are attempting to put a spin on. I suggest you read the web page before you watch the video.