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Black's campaign accused Palm ridden Interest

Personal note: More nonsense from an increasingly desperate palm oil industry

Saturday, 06/03/2010

Black's campaign accused Palm ridden Interest

Suhendra - DetikFinance

Jakarta - Company Secretary farming and Commodities Malaysia Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said it is possible the parties that riding a black campaign (Black campaign) Or tilted charges for oil producers Indonesia and Malaysia in particular about environmental destruction in the oil palm industry.

"Maybe, maybe, because palm oil is a commodity no competitors, such as rapseed oil, "Said Tan Sri Bernard Dompok after the memorandum of association Collaborration between 6 palm in Indonesia, Malaysia Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Friday night (5/3/2010).

He said many possibilities of the NGOs who reported allegations italics do not know exactly the condition of the two countries in the process of oil palm planting. So that the environmental organizations do not have complete information.

"A mistake from NGOs, what there is to see the shape of palm oil or Orang Utan?," He said.

So he said with a collaborative forum between oil producers Indonesia and Malaysia could provide the opportunity information the actual situation in the processing of palm oil in both countries.

"They can talk and formulate what is needed," he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Agriculture Suswono adds Indonesian government regulation is very strict in terms of land clearing for oil palm plantation sector in particular. He pointed out the existing regulations about the ban on land clearing palm 3 meters deep.

"It's in every area do not all have the depth of the flat," said Suswono.

As is known, the second largest oil producing country in the world is often affected side and one-sided accusations by lovers institutions related lingungan oil and land-clearing process. Some contracts pembantalan cases like that of the Sinar Mas by a landslide Unilever exemplifies this problem.

Unilever previously had unilaterally decided to contract the purchase of CPO Sinar Mas (SMART) for the Unilever received a report from the Green Peace.
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