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Oops, Indonesia Forest Remaining 80 Million Hectares

Oops, Indonesia Forest Remaining 80 Million Hectares

Tuesday, 09 March 2010,

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Jakarta, RMOL. 100 Day Program Touching Kemenhut No Illegal Logging

Ministry of Forestry (Kemenhut) were considered less serious combat illegal logging in the country.

Because, in the 100-day program ministries Zulkifli Hasan commanded that there is no point of efforts to prevent cases illegal logging who continue to flare it.

In fact, Indonesia's forests remain only about 80 million hectares.
This means already a lot of forest land to be barren. This must have been terrible.

Once submitted the Senior Forest Campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Bustar Maitar, to Rakyat Merdeka in Jakarta, yesterday.

"Wow, Indonesian forests remaining 80 million hectares. This is due to rampant illegal logging. But oddly enough, 100-day program does not touch the case Kemenhut illegal logging,''he said (read the full
story: There Is No Significant Peruba-Hanyang).

While observers of the environment, Chalid Muhammad said the 100-day implementation of the program has not seen. In fact, people need real results.

"The Ministry is yet to show maximum performance. Should be in the 100-day program that has seen a breakthrough, "he told Addons Rakyat Merdeka, in Jakarta, yesterday.

According to him, Menhut should immediately invite all parties to create a scenario the forests in Indonesia to introduce a pause pause slash and forest conversion.

"I see Menhut not do that. This is my beloved, "he said.

''There Is No Significant Changes See All ...''
Bustar Maitar, Senior Forest Campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Ministry of Forestry (Kemenhut) under the command of Hassan Zulkifli doing so.

Once submitted the Senior Forest Campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Bustar Maitar, to Rakyat Merdeka in Jakarta, yesterday.

"I see no significant changes from tuh Kemenhut to seriously manage our remaining forests remaining approximately 80 million hectares," he said.

"Until now there has been no Kemenhut performance improvement at all from the forest management sector, coupled with reduced emissions," he said.

Indeed, he continued, this ministry has the agenda for reducing emissions. One who has made the development of industrial forest plantations, but unfortunately was not done to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. One important factor reducing greenhouse gas emissions is peat plants, but in fact not touched at all.

In addition, said Bustar, the licensing process in the forestry sector there is pressure from industry to facilitate the permissions, but not coupled with a strong spirit to encourage sustainable forest planting.

Spatial''''Still Problematic
Syaifullah Tamliha, Member of the House of Representatives Commission IV

Members of the House of Representatives Commission IV, Syaifullah Tamliha said there was no breakthrough is made the Ministry of Forestry.

"Zulkifli Hasan Menhut still learning. Therefore, inexperienced in the field of forestry, "he told Rakyat Merdeka yesterday.

According to politicians from the United Development Party (PPP), the four priority programs is the maturation Kemenhut previous concept.

"Until now, spatial structure is still problematic. Not to mention the matter due to haze from forest fires, "he said.

In fact, he said, that must be done is to create a balance Kemenhut forestry as a guide to future performance of duties. "This is not," he said.

About regulation, he said, the Law on illegal logging, is still under discussion between the Parliament and government.

"Performance Kemenhut be seen in at least one year," he said.

Reached''All Programs''100 Percent
Zulkifli Hasan, Minister of Forestry

Minister of Forestry (Minister of Forestry) Zulkifli Hasan said the 100-day program that mandated President SBY in the United Indonesia Cabinet (KiB) II, has reached 100 percent.

"A number of priority programs are implemented as a 100-day program of work the Minister of Forestry, all (the program) reached 100 percent,"
said Zulkifli, in a news conference at the House Manggala Wanabakti, recently.

The program is meant Zulkifli priority is providing public access to the determination of SK Menhut of Plant Forest People (HTR) reaches 96,900 hectares.

Decree covers an area of West Lampung district area 24,835 hectares,
20,375 hectares in Musi Rawas, Tanah Bumbu 9035 hectares, 10,730 hectares of East Manggarai, Banggai Islands 3575 hectares, 7020 hectares of East Halmahera, Porcupine 10,430 hectares, 3900 hectares Kotabaru, Bone Bolango 400 hectares, and Labuhan Batu area of 6600 hectares.

Meanwhile, the village forest area of 7954 hectares, consists of two regions, namely in the District Bantaeng 704 hectares, and Musi Banyuasin 7250 hectares. While the forest area of 24,296 hectares, consisting of the District Tanggamus 12,061 hectare area, 6490 hectares of West Lampung, Central Lampung Jeneponto 5745 hectares and 890 hectares.

While in the case of climate change in the forestry sector, Zulkifli said it had made to strengthen national efforts as part of the real preparation for the UN conference on climate change last December 2009. Among them is the launch of the implementation of REDD Demonstration Activity, including advertising copy tersusunnya Indonesian forestry deal negotiations COP-15.

Zulkifli also talked about conservation and forest protection, with the designation of conservation areas Maswas (PLG former Central
Kalimantan) as a peatland ecosystems, and the pilot response to climate change. Including the technical plans of forest and land rehabilitation in the 36 regions BPDAS, development seed for people (seed community) and the establishment of the Coordination Forum Watershed Management (DAS) National.

Consolidation''concept''It's Done
Rusman Ali, Forestry Observer

Observers Forestry, Rusman Ali said, the realization of 100-day program can be seen in Kemenhut first year, second and fifth.

"Stabilizing the concept has been done. 100-day program did not measure the achievement for this ministry, "he told Rakyat Merdeka in Jakarta, yesterday.

According to him, which is often a problem in every ministry that is at the level of program implementation.

Say, for business programs and the concept of Indonesia is an expert, so no doubt. But the im-plementasinya weak. "It sometimes is not synergistic and create stagnant in the middle of the road," he said.

Spatial problems, Rusman highlights, there are still eight provinces that have not been completed. The implication, conflicts related to spatial structure often appears.

"This will also interfere with inward investors as related legal certainty no spatial structure," he said.

Even so, there is hope of overcoming bawdy Kemenhut can Marut in Forestry. One was the emphasis about the implementation and strict monitoring of each program implemented Kemenhut.

Unsupported actions''Real''
Dedy Ruth, Manager of Forest Kampannye Walhi

Forest campaign manager of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI), Dedy Ruth, criticized the realization of the five priority programs of the Ministry of Forestry (Kemenhut).

"Although consciously bawdy already admitted there Marut in forest management in Indonesia. But very unfortunately not supported by concrete action a clear program,''he told Rakyat Merdeka in Jakarta, yesterday.

Fundamental problem, said Dedy, governance issues / areas that have not been completed, primarily to manage relationships with people of the region, disparities installed capacity of the forestry industry with the supply of sustainable materials and alleged irregularities at all levels.

Say, WALHI also considered a policy inconsistencies. On the one hand, measures taken by it counterproductive with other policies. For example in the case Kemenhut effort to plan the production of forest utilization that have not been burdened with the permission of the province of North Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, Bengkulu and Lampung.

This policy, he said, is part of efforts to Kemenhut spatial resolution of conflicts.

According to him, this policy opened opportunities for forest exploitation in a more massive. Inconsistency can lead to other counterproductive policies relating to the granting of exploitation, which is participating in efforts to support Kemenhut emission reduction of 26 per cent related to global warming.

"The contribution of the forestry sector by 14 percent can not be solved simply by planting trees without doing the management and law enforcement efforts such as strict enforcement against the perpetrators of mining in protected forests,''he said.

Continuing Programs Only''Before''
Slamet Daryoni, Forestry Observer

Currently there are steps undertaken spectacular Ministry of Forestry
(Kemenhut) in repairing and maintaining the forest.

"All done now just continue the program before," said observer forestry, Slamet Daryoni, to Rakyat Merdeka in Ja - Jakarta, yesterday.

According to the Director of the Institute of Urban Environment's Green, Minister of Forestry must have a vision to improve Indonesia's forests in a way to evaluate forest management conducted Perhutani, because so far led to contradictory.

"In addition, this ministry must be more nimble in handling more illegal logging," he said.

He appreciates what the Menhut Zulkifli Hasan's destructive mining closed forest. But do not just merely a formality because a lot of pressure from the community.

Looking ahead, he said, the ministry should be the leader of forest management by improving communication with local government (Local Government).

"With the existence of regional autonomy era governor was instrumental in the eradication of illegal logging," he explained.

"That's a conflict of interest would cause in coordination with the chief minister if the party's Different. But it can be overcome if both have the intention to improve Indonesia's forests, "he said.