Tuesday, 4 May 2010



The following is a shortened report from a Nature Alert investigator who visited this zoo last week. Four orangutans had died recently and one was found being held off-limits in terrible conditions.

You see below the exterior area where the orangutans had been kept, their overnight accommodation (imagine spending even one night in there) and a photo of the sick "Nancy" - what a way to treat any animals let alone an intelligent species like the orangutan.

Look at "Nancy" and this report and remember no, not one, conservation or animal welfare group will assist orangutans like these. It's left to Nature Alert and a brave investigator working alone in Malaysia to expose such things. We use our own time and savings.

If you are helping us force CITES to repatriate 11 orangutans from Thailand to Indonesia, please keep in mind if we are not successful those orangutans could end up at a zoo like this dreadful one.

According to the vet there two males and a pair of young orangutans died recently due to melioidosis caused by a pathogenic soil bound bacteria called pseudomonas pseudomallie.

The female orangutan named ‘Nancy’ was said to have had two babies while in Songkhla Zoo, but both had died. The second young which was said to have not died due to melioidosis but due to other causes. According to the vet the enclosure soil is being resurfaced and treated.

In the so-called ward for sick animals the female’s cage looked very dirty and appeared not to have been cleaned out for at least two weeks. The faeces were all dried and hardened. There was a broken platform, torn sacks and ropes lying on the floor where the female sat.

When asked, why Nancy's cage had not been cleaned out, the vet said the keeper with the ape section had not come in to clean it out because there was no water in the zoo to clean out the cages.