Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Orangutans, caged, chained and abandoned. THE INCONVENIENT ORANGUTANS.


Lupis (with the chain around her neck) has lived in a cage measuring about 6' x 9' x 6' feet high (approx. 2 x 3 x 2 metres) for the last two years. Before this we don't know where she was kept, but it's likely to have been no better. We think she is about 17 years old. Her cage sits above a pool of rubbish, urine and faeces on a housing complex. Lupis has no water to drink; fluids have to be obtained from whatever food she is fed. She has nothing, zero, to occupy her mind 24/7 every day. ....365 days a year.
Can you imagine how Lupis must feel? Then, please also try to imagine how the Director of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) feels, sat in his air-conditioned office doing his paperwork, presumably eating regular meals and taking time away from the office over the past three months, - whilst ignoring pleas from Nature Alert and COP to rescue orangutans like Lupis and ........Lupus.

Amazingly, on the same housing complex, no more than 50 yards away, is Lupus - a male orangutan thought to be about nine years of age. He is caged in identical conditions to Lupis, but neither can see one another. Both are kept in solitary confinement and in barbaric conditions.

Here is what Aldrianto Priadjati, Executive Director, BOS said to Nature Alert Supporters last week: "Nor would we ever knowingly leave orangutans in distress that are in need of our help." Hmmnn. I will leave it to you to judge if what he says matches what you see and read on this blog.

If the sight of these orangutans suffering upsets and annoys you, why don't you write and express your feelings to Mr Priadjati?

His email address is: aldrianto2005@yahoo.com and copy your message to this BOS address tpuspita@gmail.com plus wspa@wspa-international.org

Money to move these orangutans is not a problem. And BOS has the space to accommodate them in a rescue centre. What possible excuse could there be for not rescuing Lupis and Lupus - without any further delays? Hardi and his Centre for Orangutan Protection team have offered their full support and assistance. So, what's your excuse this time BOS?

P.S. In the posting below this one you will see photos of a partially paralysed orangutan. BOS has not even asked where they can find her. What do you think about this?