Friday, 22 August 2008

Australia, Indonesia hold talks on logging and fishing

Australia, Indonesia hold talks on logging and fishing

Updated August 22, 2008 ABC Radio, Australia

Illegal logging and proper fishing practices have been the subjects of ministerial talks in Jakarta between Australia's Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tony Burke and his Indonesian counterpart.

Mr Burke says he received strong backing in Indonesia over the need to halt illegal logging and move to sustainable forestry management.

He says this includes working with a community in Kalimantan Borneo to show how income can be made while still involved in forestry and then demonstrating the benefits to the wider community.

Mr Burke says fishing communities are also having the benefits of stopping illegal practices explained to them.

"You need to have information, you need to have education and then you also have to have enforcement."

His visit follows similar talks earlier in the week in PNG.