Thursday, 28 August 2008

As someone who makes a living out of communicating with the public, Terri Irwin has gone very quiet. WHY?

It has now been four weeks since I first wrote to Terri Irwin.

We all know that to write an email reply to anyone takes only a couple of minutes. Why, then, does Terri not reply - to any of us?

I imagine Terri would like us all to see her as a conservationist. But why would any conservationist allow their name and celebrity status to be used as an endorsement of the government of Indonesia's disregard for tropical rainforests and orangutans? Look around this Blog and you can see ample evidence of what the government permits in this regard.

Come on Terri, why not explain to us why you permit the government of Indonesia to continue using your name as an endorsement of their truly deadly form of orangutan conservation?


Have you written to Terri yet? Her email address is in the next Blog posting below this. Surely you can spare two minutes? Thank you.