Saturday, 2 August 2008

WWF in the firing line for lack of transparency

Thank you to all Friends of the Orangutans who have written to WWF. You all managed to get a letter/response from their Chief Executive that I had failed to do in the previous three months. It just goes to show how 'people power' not only can make a difference, it really does.

The thing is; he only answered one of the four questions we put to him! And the fourth one is something I am looking into further. Anyone not used to reading such Public Relations letters could be forgiven for thinking 'this is sounds good', but as you can see, he did not give detailed answers to three key questions. As the saying goes - the devil is in the detail.

He makes mention of WWF people being in the forest etc. I have to tell you that this is entirely possible, but in Indonesian Borneo the only WWF people I have ever met or seen on all my visits have been sat in offices.

So. Does anyone wonder why WWF won't reveal their financial details regarding orangutan conservation? As a national charity you could be forgiven for thinking they would want to be seen as transparent with their handling of supporters money.

Why not write again and ask him to answer the questions?

Please write again to WWF soon, because it won't be long now before I will be asking for your continued support by writing to other organisations whose publicised orangutan conservation work is in my view best questionable.

thanks as always.

For the orangutans.

p.s. please don't forget, if you think I am biased etc, please do buy a copy of the book mentioned above. The authors are of much the same opinion as me. Are your donations being wasted? Are the groups you support REALLY doing what they say they are? I'm sure some are, but there are a good number on my Blacklist.