Thursday, 28 August 2008

Why does Terri Irwin not reply?

Last month I write to Terri Irwin, wife of the legendary 'Crocodile Hunter' - the late Steve Irwin.

My letter below is really self explanatory.

What I don't understand is: why it is taking so long to get a relatively simple reply from Terri? Why would she allow herself and the reputation of her family to be associated with a government that PERMITS 2500 - 3000 orangutans to be killed every year? Let there be no doubt - the government of Indonesia continues to sell off rainforest's inhabited by orangutans, to palm oil and logging companies - often one and the same thing.

How can you help us get an explanation from Terri? Please can you ask her why it is she has not yet publicly dissociated herself from the orangutan killers? Maybe if enough of us write, it will get her attention. Please email Terry at:

My emailed letter to Terri:

From: [] Sent: Sunday, 27 July 2008 10:09 PMTo: FAO Terri IrwinImportance: High

Dear Terri

I was wondering if you were aware that the government of Indonesia was using your name in defence of their orangutan conservation efforts?

The thing is, the government is making no effort to save orangutans, quite the opposite in fact.

In a letter from Indonesian Embassy they include:

" Terri Irwin, the wife of the late Steve Irwin, appreciates and has acknowledged the efforts that the Indonesian Government is conducting to save orangutans. Her statements have shown this kind of leadership Indonesia is taking to save endangered species. She believes that through this effort, Indonesia is making an enormous contribution in saving the earth."

Based on all my visits to Indonesia, specifically Borneo, including two this year, I can find no evidence of the Indonesian Government attempting to save orangutans, let alone the earth. Even the government admits to 'losing' about 3000 orangutans a year for the last 25 years (note the consistency), so I think by associating yours and Steve's name with this unfolding orangutan disaster the Indonesian Government is doing you no favours.

If you would like to set the record straight I will be only too pleased to add whatever you write, to my Blog

Several months ago I sent you in the post details of the orangutan situation in Indonesia, but did not receive a reply, not even an acknowledgement, which left me disappointed.

I do hope for the sake of the orangutans you will correct the Indonesian government.

Many thanks.
Sean Whyte
Nature Alert

The reply received - the writer did not declare his/her name:

From: Info [] Sent: 28 July 2008 03:51To: ''Subject: RE: FAO Terry Irwin

Dear Sean.

Thank you for your correspondence. Your email has been forwarded to the appropriate department for further consideration and assistance. You will be contacted as soon as possible and we thank you very much for your patience during this process.

Kind Regards.
International Correspondent
Australia Zoo
PH: 54 36 2000
FAX: 54 94 8604

Steve Irwin Day November 15- Steve Irwin was one man. One man can make a difference. YOU can make a difference.

Steve Irwin Day on November 15 will be a day for remembering the one and only Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. The day will represent the many things Steve was passionate about; family, wildlife and FUN. You can get involved in a number of ways including visiting Australia Zoo for an action packed day, having a Backyard Campout or donning your khakis for Khaki Day. All proceeds raised from these activities will go to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. Visit our website, file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/azoo/Application%20Data/Microsoft/Signatures/ to see how you can get involved!

Since this reply we have exchanged two more emails and the Zoo continues to ask me to be patient. But when 50 - 60 orangutans are being killed every single week, at least 150 have lost their lives since I first wrote to Terry.

WILL YOU PLEASE WRITE - TODAY? It need only be a brief note.
The address is: