Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Environment State Decree Approved

Wednesday, 09 September, 2009 |

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:

The House of Representatives (DPR) officially approved the state decree regarding the protection and management of the environmental yesterday.

The Minister for the Environment, Rachmat Witoelar, said that this new state decree improved the previous state decree No.23/1997 regards the management of the environment.

According to Rachmat, the new state decree obligates central and regional governments in making strategic environment studies, including the usage of natural resources.

Industries producing dangerous and poisonous waste are also obligated to manage their own waste.

He explained that the environmental impact analysis report (amdal) would be used as a tool to prevent more environmental damage and as a reason to give permits to industries.

“We will not issue a permit if the industry does not have complete environmental documents.”

Legal sanctions will be imposed on officials giving permits to industries that damage the environment.

“The sanctions are for those issuing the permits as well as those allowing the environmental damage to take place,” said Rachmat.

In addition, Rachmat said he welcomed the environmental supervisory body and civil investigators (PPNS) now having more authority.

“They can arrest people damaging the environment by coordinating with the police,” Rachmat said.

Ten factions in the environmental commission agreed to approve this state decree.

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